Sunday, 16 November 2014


YSL Paris is one scent that I always associate with my mum and every time I go into a perfume shop/section and I see a bottle of Paris I always remember seeing it on my mum's dressing table when I was younger. So when I saw that YSL had bought out a new limited edition to celebrate it's 30th birthday I was intrigued and then I saw the design of the packaging and that was it I was sold. Thankfully after testing it out I loved the scent as well. (A note to myself that the design of the packaging and bottles should be looked at after smelling the scent).

Premieres Roses is very much like the original scent but just a bit fresher and lighter with the bases notes of this fragrance being white musk, sandalwood & roses. This is a scent that can definitely been worn all year round as well as day and night.

I absolutely love it and if you know anyone who likes the original or even someone that just generally likes fresh scents then this would be a great Christmas present!

Currently available at: - £22.50 and - £17.75 for 125ml.


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