Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A little trip to Sainsbury's & Superdrug ended with this.....

So I've done a little bit of shopping again and only gone and bought some more little bits and products and a detangling comb?!! Sainsbury's had some really great offers on their haircare products and so I ended up buying two of the Tresemme Texture Style range - Divine Definition Spray and Tousled Wave Spray - both for £3.33. I then also managed to pick up VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray for £2.80.

I also picked up some random bits that weren't really needed such as a detangling comb and some exfoliating gloves but the bargain for me was the Sensodyne Pronamel Pack for the bargain price of £5.50. The pack contains Pronamel toothpaste and a Pronamel mouthwash which if you're like me and forever having problems with your teeth is definitely worth an investment. Not only that this also helps 'against the effects of acid wear' from drinking fizzy drinks and wine and also from eating fruit! 

So next up was Superdrug and Herbal Essences have their new range of dry shampoos out and I saw they had a new Limited Edition - Party Re-Fresh- that I thought I'd snap up seeing as it was an absolute bargain at £1.49! I then also got the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer which is something that I tend to not always use all the time but it's one of those products I keep coming back to and for £2.50 it never hurts to have a spare. Then finally I just got some boring large cotton wool pads for all those products that require them. 

So not a massively exciting haul I'm afraid - just some essentials and yet more hair products. Whoops.


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