Saturday, 7 March 2015

L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Go Fast Blow-Dry

Another new product that I have been trying/using and absolutely loving is the L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Go Fast Blow-Dry which is formulated to give heat protection but to also speed up the process of blow drying your hair i.e to give as they say a 'Fast Blow-Dry'. Now when they say fast it's not a case of spraying this on and your hair will be dried within a minute but I do feel the blow drying of my hair is certainly faster when I've used this product than when I haven't.

It's stated that it's 'a primer spray', now personally I still feel that I need to use another product with this in order to make sure that my hair styles the way I want it to. The product certainly does have heat protection qualities however and because of the time that this has reduced the blow drying of my hair it also has meant that my hair isn't experiencing as much heat damage as it previously was. I blow dry, straighten and curl my hair and not necessarily all three on the same day but I am using heat on my hair every single day, so anything that limits damage or the amount of time heat is being blasted on my hair is going to be a winner for me. 

The spray itself is just like any other heat protecting spray - it doesn't leave your hair feeling scrunchy or heavy or like you have loads of product in it at all, you simply spray and then blow dry. Now I've tried out a few other products that claim to cut blow drying time which I am planning to write about in the future but I feel as though out of the ones I've tried this is so far the best one for me. It might not be for everyone as after all we all have different hair types but I definitely feel the blow drying of my hair has been reduced by the use of this so I would definitely recommend it to anyone to give it a try!

It's available from Superdrug currently priced at £3.79.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation

Hello Everybody - it's been a long while! I have all the usual excuses - work, life, generally being the most un-organised mess in the world - but I've probably said them all before so I won't go into all that now. Anyway I just felt like I needed to sit and write this post about my current favourite product - Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation which is available from Boots for £6.99.

Bad lighting and camera - sorry!
Now for most people I don't think they'll see this or like this as a foundation as such, it is more of a powder I feel a lot of people will prefer to use alongside the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation however I don't tend to use foundation that often so for me this product is great alternative. It works as a great as a base whereby I can quickly apply with my Real Techniques Powder Brush in the morning, put on my concealer and blusher and I'm good to go. 

The product is very buildable - you can for instance just do the one layer of powder for just a subtle fix of colour or build it up gradually depending on the look that you are going for on that particular day. I have been using this on a daily basis mainly because it is so quick and easy but also I tend to feel conscious of wearing liquid foundation in the day but where this a powder I don't have the same issues with it. Plus the shade 002 Soft Beige is actually a pretty good match for my skin. 

Now there are a lot of mixed reviews on this product with the majority saying it's just a powder and not a foundation which is fair enough, everyone has different opinions on what works for them. I do really like this product and would go as far as saying this is my favourite Rimmel product yet but I would recommend using a primer with this just to prep your face for a smoother finish.

So if you've tried it then let me know or if you've tried any other powder foundations then also let me know and I am going to going to hopefully do a few more posts this month and get back into writing.